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Benefits of studying online courses!


These course can be accessed by any computer that is connected to the internet. Study from the comfort of your own home where you are relaxed and where you can even be in your pajamas.


To Empower Students with Focus Driven Knowledge, Self Development Tools and Success Strategies they will need when entering into the working environment.

Studying online course

To Connect with Focus-Driven Students and provide them with a Step-by-Step Personal Development System so they can be promoted quicker than anyone else and therefore be successful at an early age.


You can study the courses at your own pace and review what you have learnt at anytime. You can start and stop the courses at your own convenience.


Extending values beyond the online classroom by making sure skills and strategy concepts taught online are authentically useful in the world beyond school and university.


Offering easy to understand, affordable & effective personal development content to develop your special talents, skills and social competency.


To Connect with Focus-Driven Students & provide a Step-by-Step Personal Development System to inspire them to reach their full potential, be promoted quicker than anyone else & therefore be successful at an early age.


STEP BY STEP KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO ENTER INTO THE WORKING WORLD IF YOU WANT TO BE A SUCCESS. Every Great Leader had to start somewhere and take the step by step journey to where they find themselves today. Now it is your turn to take that journey.

The Step By Step System
The Step By Step System

If you don't invest in yourself, who else will?

Your life should be about improving yourself on a daily basis through direct and focused action. Good Knowledge is worth paying for if it is going to contribute and improve your life!

Now if you are thinking of the cost, then you are thinking like a poor person, a better way to look at the price is the way an Entrepreneur thinks: ``It is an investment in myself, in my success, in working smart not hard, in understanding that new knowledge will increase my success rate faster that trial and error, that success strategies and development tools actually cost less in the long term as it saves me a lot of money and time than through trial and error.

So the question you need to ask yourself is:
``Am I worthy of investing in myself, my life and my success?``
There is only 2 answers:
1. Yes, I am worthy or
2 No, I'm not worthy, I would rather spend that money on junk food than learn new success strategies.

Cost VS Investment = Cost is how normal people will look at something as apposed to an Entrepreneur who will look at this as an investment with a long term return (ROI - return on investment).

How are you thinking right now? Like a normal person or are you starting to get into the Entrepreneurial mindset?


Exquisite shining diamonds must first be found, cut and then polished through a step by step process which takes time and precision, and if you want to be cut, shine and be worth the price of a diamond, you will have to put in the effort to get a clear result. Yes, these courses are easy to use and understand, however the true hard work will be actually taking the time with a lot of effort and precision to masterfully complete the workbooks. The more you put in, the more you will finally get out. Find the rough diamond in you, cut it to perfection and polish yourself up to shine so others will marvel at you. Become so good at what you do, you won't be ignored. Make yourself indispensable!


These courses will guide you through a Step by Step process taking you from where you are now (your inner world) and guiding you to where you want to be (your outer world). Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, meaning what you are thinking and the information you have programmed into your subconscious mind reflects outwards and become your outer reality! Examples: The boomerang effect = What you throw comes back. If you plant lemon seeds, you cannot expect to get oranges, it is impossible!!!

What is in your subconscious mind is your life, your reality, your outcome! ``Your subconscious mind is your chauffeur and drives you to what it knows!`` - Allan Rufus

An intelligent question to ask yourself right now:
``Is what I have programmed or allowed someone else to program into my subconscious mind EMPOWERING or DIS-EMPOWERING?
“Will the knowledge and life strategies I know now help me be successful and live the good life?”

If your answer is no, then these courses will be a Great Starting Point.

7 steps to living a great life.

Step 1 = Awareness - in all areas of your life, especially in what you think, say and do

Step 2 = Know Thyself - Find your inner treasures, gifts, talents, passion and purpose

Step 3 = Use your Imagination and Create a Vision of the life you would Love to Live

Step 4 = Invest in Yourself, in Empowering Knowledge, in Success Strategies. Make yourself wealthy by investing in your mind

Step 5 = Create a goal, an action plan, a road map to follow step by step

Step 6 = Have laser like focus and take action on your investment (What good is knowledge if you don’t put it into action?)

Step 7 = Enjoy the process, it is a journey to the destination

These courses and workbooks will help you shift your focus inwards where you can start to organize your inner world into some type of order in which you create a foundation stone to build on top of so all that you learn and accumulate along your journey can be strategically placed which in turn will give you the self-confidence to go out and take those steps to be successful in which-ever direction you choose to go in!

An example: If you move into a new / bigger accommodation, you will over time start to accumulate more things over time, and you don't really notice how much you are actually accumulating, because you bring small amounts of things home each time and before you realize it, you have a load of things around the place. (Are the things you are bringing home positively contributing to your success, or just stuff that is clutter and has no real value in your success?)

The same goes with knowledge and wealth accumulation, you do it in small ways by building on what you have. Are you spending your time and money on development tools or success strategies that are going to contribute to your success and therefore gather living the way in which you dream of, or are you spending the money and time on clutter that has no real value in your success?)


Advantages of learning online courses with Transformation Coach

3 GREAT REASONS: 1. Cost effective 2. Convenient 3. Step by Step easy to understand content

Other great reasons:

✓ Learn from the comfort of your own home, can even stay in your pajamas

✓ You can access the courses on any computer, tablet or smart phone when you are connected to the internet

✓ Prices of our online courses are extremely affordable

✓ You can do the online courses at your own pace

✓ You can replay the online course to review the information

✓ You can concentrate more with less distractions than if you were at college

✓ You become more engaged with the information being taught

✓ Everything is written down or recorded so you don't have to constantly be writing down notes

✓ No wasted time commuting backwards and forwards in traffic and traffic jams

“I am the actor, script writer, clothes designer and director of my life and the world is my stage to express myself!” – Allan Rufus